Monday, March 1, 2010

Nightbringer news

We're doing on our first 7" on Chris Colohan's High Anxiety label, its mixed and ready to be sent off. Three songs, One of These Days, No Sleep Til Death, and Death of Heathen Gods. Loud recording was done at Bottom of the Lake, vocals and mix were done at Blackfeather.

The second 7" will be on Deer Healer, and recording is about halfway done. Also in the works is a split 7" that will be announced once details are more solid, it will be worth the wait. Then in April we go into high gear working on the LP.

Next show is March 12 at the Corktown with The Pogo, Point Blank, Final Assault and Live To Kill. Come out and get it on.

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Meat City said...

fucking pumped for both those records