Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unidentified Drunk Injury FREE Record Release Show

U.D.I. have been kicking, drinking, and thrashing around the Detroit music holes now for a few years. Their blur of alcohol, Septic Death, blood and fury has been finely honed into a awesome 12" that has finally seen the light of day on Spider Cuddler Records.

They will be displaying their pretty mugs along with the ugly stylings of Final Assault. Tonight at the Garden Bowl. FREE. Call in sick tomorrow but don't tell them it's a hangover.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Burai Core distro update

Small update this week, Framtid, Burning Spirits, and Conflict For Freedom 2009 DVDs, Extinct Government CD, Masterpeace, System Fucker, and Seein Red/Framtid 7"s.

Michigan update coming soon with Hellmouth LP, Final Assault demo, Heresy 7" and more

Last Disconnected show for awhile.

Disconnected need to get to work on some other things for a couple of months, and won't be concentrating on live shows. There may be some lineup shake ups and re-tooling going on in that time as well. Boiling Over and Poison Planet did us a solid by putting us on a sick house show when we were on the road in November. We're returning the favor by helping out their tour. This is going to be one of Boiling Over's last shows as they are honoring some live dates and throwing in the towel. Sucks because they are one of Chicago's best bands, and probably one of the best SxE bands on the scene. Poison Planet are no slouches either and rip faces off with little effort. NRR are providing local support as Toledo's young buck band (of old guys) and are proving to be a killing machine live. They practice WAY more than Disconnected does. Disconnected are gonna take the "late slot" bullet and hopefully not blow anything up, break anything, or throw any guitars this time. Toledo has a great punk scene happening right now with the support of the Black Cherry and we are hoping to get a good crowd out to support.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Bill Bondsmen single on Local Cross Records

Finally complete. This the Bill Bondsmen's 7th release, but their first proper SINGLE. Everything they have done has been a step above what came before it, and this continues the trend. The single format really puts their songwriting ability on display in a way it never has been before. They have taken their tough-as-Detroit midwest hardcore roots (see the countless Negative Approach and Die Kreuzen comparisons in reviews of past releases) and blown them up. This is bigger, meaner, and better than any early 80's clone bands or too hip jerk off noise nerds. HARD core.

Apparently the site has had too much traffic as it's coming up all goofy on my end. Either way, order thru them and enjoy. Thanks.

Oh & come to the Winter Formal tonight. 8 pm @ The Magic Stick in Detroit
$6.00 proper attire
$10.00 casual attire
W/Troy Gregory (ex Witches, Dirtbombs, Prong, Swans, Wasted Youth, etc. Dude has his own candy bar. Nuff said.), Timmy's Organism (Tim from Human Eye, Clone Defects, Epileptix, etc with people from Heroes & Villians, & Frustrations), Deathskin Razors (ex Riverbottom Nightmare Band. Lp in the works. Don't sleep on their 7". It's killer.)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Deer Healer Label Update

Deer Healer Label has a new release coming up: CONDOMINIUM “Gag” 7”. Here’s a description:

Condominium is a crashing, howling four piece from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Gag is their fourth 7”. There's a nice arc to the three songs on this release by Deer Healer. Condominium introduces a tension with the title track, ramps the tension with Redemption Song, and resolves the tension with The Entire Human Body. The songs and the cover art are a strange, enigmatic combination that remains in the mind long after the music stops.” – Roderick McClain

Condominium is ex-Formaldehyde Junkies, for those that care.

There is a sample up at and

The 7" should be available soon. It's at the plant. I'll make another post when it's ready.

Also, check out the Deer Healer Label store. I have the Manipulation demo, Dry-Rot 7”, Herds LP, Exalted 7”, an earlier Condominium 7”, and lots more.

I'm living in Toledo now, so don't hesitate to send me a message if you want me to bring records to a show or meet up elsewhere!