Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Bill Bondsmen single on Local Cross Records

Finally complete. This the Bill Bondsmen's 7th release, but their first proper SINGLE. Everything they have done has been a step above what came before it, and this continues the trend. The single format really puts their songwriting ability on display in a way it never has been before. They have taken their tough-as-Detroit midwest hardcore roots (see the countless Negative Approach and Die Kreuzen comparisons in reviews of past releases) and blown them up. This is bigger, meaner, and better than any early 80's clone bands or too hip jerk off noise nerds. HARD core.

Apparently the site has had too much traffic as it's coming up all goofy on my end. Either way, order thru them and enjoy. Thanks.

Oh & come to the Winter Formal tonight. 8 pm @ The Magic Stick in Detroit
$6.00 proper attire
$10.00 casual attire
W/Troy Gregory (ex Witches, Dirtbombs, Prong, Swans, Wasted Youth, etc. Dude has his own candy bar. Nuff said.), Timmy's Organism (Tim from Human Eye, Clone Defects, Epileptix, etc with people from Heroes & Villians, & Frustrations), Deathskin Razors (ex Riverbottom Nightmare Band. Lp in the works. Don't sleep on their 7". It's killer.)

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