Monday, February 15, 2010

Deer Healer Label Update

Deer Healer Label has a new release coming up: CONDOMINIUM “Gag” 7”. Here’s a description:

Condominium is a crashing, howling four piece from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Gag is their fourth 7”. There's a nice arc to the three songs on this release by Deer Healer. Condominium introduces a tension with the title track, ramps the tension with Redemption Song, and resolves the tension with The Entire Human Body. The songs and the cover art are a strange, enigmatic combination that remains in the mind long after the music stops.” – Roderick McClain

Condominium is ex-Formaldehyde Junkies, for those that care.

There is a sample up at and

The 7" should be available soon. It's at the plant. I'll make another post when it's ready.

Also, check out the Deer Healer Label store. I have the Manipulation demo, Dry-Rot 7”, Herds LP, Exalted 7”, an earlier Condominium 7”, and lots more.

I'm living in Toledo now, so don't hesitate to send me a message if you want me to bring records to a show or meet up elsewhere!

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