Sunday, March 7, 2010

Final Assault News

So we've been plugging away for just over a year and everyone keeps asking "where is the record?". You bitched, pissed, moaned and spit on me with drunken fervor. So the plan is this:
Go into the studio late March in Ann Arbor with Bill Cozy and (re)record everything to date. Covers, originals, montages, homages, mortgages and everything else in between.
What will we do with them? Don't know. We have lots of ideas and offers. So tune back in here an find out.

Up until this point we've recorded two demos in this dank, stinky basement. The last one, Under Boot, compiles both of them together along with a rough mix of Never Again. It is being remastered as we speak and will be sold cheap. There will only be a couple hundred and that will be the last of them.

Two big shows coming up for us. Friday March 12th with Live to Kill and Nightbringer. The Pogo and Point Blank are traveling from West Virginia. It will be a jam packed show that starts at 10PM.

Almost a month later (April 19th), same place, RIISTYEYT. Finnish masters come back to Detroit after 20 years. This show will be awesome. Shitfucker will be slaying the Demonic Detroit beasts with leather and fury.

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