Saturday, March 20, 2010

Big bores and bobbleheads.

Like I mentioned in a prior post, Tesco Vee will be dropping a new book on us this summer compiling all 22 issues of Touch & Go as well as a bunch of new content and ramblings from the singer of the Evens and an actor from Sons of Anarchy. Tesco was good enough to hook us up with a sneak peek at the content from the book, but before we post that I wanted to include some Q&A with the man behind Touch and Go...

DAHC: It must be a headtrip to talk to so many people who were around 30 years ago and who are still around today. What's it like looking back on Touch & Go and the people involved like Rollins and Mackaye?

TV: Well I guess I'm still pinching myself that the book is coming out! Its been a dream for some did allow me to re-connect with folks, like Ian, and it also showed me that some have moved on..trying to get some of the old bands back on stage for the book release party has been daunting!

DAHC: How long has the project been in the works and what sort of help have you gotten from others? Has it been more difficult than you expected?

TV: Ya selling the book took awhile..Steve Miller (Fix singer) and Chris Fuller my attorney never gave up..we had some verbal agreements that fell thru when people saw it..ha! Too much I guess...Ian at Bazillion Points has been great all the way!

DAHC: Do you have a favorite issue or part of the book?

TV: Theres a run of the mags probably in the mid to late teens where we were in our element, our punk rock wheelhouse...loaded to the 9's with American Hardcore...its amazing how many of these bands still resonate with the younguns...

DAHC: How did you and Dave go about creating an issue back in the day? How'd you construct it, how'd you print it, how many would press, how would you distro it, etc?

TV: I did my pages, he did his and then we would get together..have some cocktails and swap our handiwork...make some final; adjustments and we were off to press!

DAHC: How much of your punk life do your co-workers or non-punk friends know about? Has it ever caused any big issues in the "real world"?

TV: Nah..back when I was a teacher I worried about it but now I'm a Telecom Engineer it aint an issue..everyone digs it....even if its a bit out there for the average joe..they think its boss that an old geezer such as myself is still plying the punk rock waters

DAHC:What interests are you absorbed in outside of music?

TV: Collecting old Toys! Robots, anything related to TV shows like Munsters...why just yesterday I got up and 5:30 AM drove to Toledo, dropped $300 on a Munsters board game, then vamoosed it to Detroit to spend the day recording a couple Germs and a Seeds track for tribute CD's with my boss new line up of Tesco Vee's Hate Police...great day all the way around! I still like riding my big bore crotch rocket...

DAHC:Who are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

TV: Hellmouth! Hey listen I REALLY try and get out and keep up with the happening bands but I needed Tony Rettman out there in Soprano-land to tell me about this great fuckin band in my own back yard! There are many great Detroit bands going..Chapstik, Wolf Bait, Electric 6(for shakin the post punk booty) of course ABBA! I am busy re-discovering all my old prog rock faves via all the box sets..still love collecting vinyl at yard sales..I love Lewis Black the comedian..he's the middle aged stand up version of me..but what I love about bein a goofball funny man onstage is when the joke bombs..crank up a tune!

DAHC: What are your favorite books or who are your favorite authors?

TV: Mostly I red rock bio's...Thin Lizzy, T Rex, Black Sabbath, Roxy Music, Motorhead and the Dimebag Darrel book are my most recent reads...

DAHC: Favorite films or directors?

TV: John Waters! The old stuff mostly..Night of The Hunter from the 1950's with Robert Mitchum is my second favorite move..Rocky is the first! I've seen it at least 50 times..I love gangster Turner Classic Movies..the old George Raft type Noir films...

DAHC: What inspires you?

TV: Being able to go out on stage with some young bucks and not suck..still feel the surge of adrenaline and still pump out some heartfelt vitriol and see kids in their 20's get wide eyed and a grinnin' to shock and offend people...tell em how fuckin stupid organized religion is, tossing back a Bombay Saphire or 2.... hopping in a van with a bunch of dudes and tour America's back alley punk rock shitholes...getting paid for playing music...never quite figure out how that works..if it were the other way around I'd still do it..

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