Monday, April 26, 2010

the True Cult ov Hellmouth. First update of 2010.

Right now it's the calm before the storm. "There will be quiet," as Mike Ferraro said. But be patient and that quiet will soon turn to turmoil, tumult, bombs, death and eventually three new 7"s followed by a new fucking album!

First up in the chain of events is a big show at the Shelter on Friday May 7th. Hellmouth is being supported by Against the Grain, Isosceles Mountain, Snakewing and Knife. ATG is a great local bluesy punk band who are shooting a live video at this show. Isosceles Mountain is Dave Graw's newest musical expression (ex Bang Bang). And two members of Thoughts of Ionesco are debuting their new band, Knife, at this show. The line-up is diverse and it's sure to be a headtrip from start to finish.

On Friday May 7th Hellmouth will be:
• shooting video and stills for inclusion on their new album, so get caught in a mosh
• unleashing a new shirt design
• soiling your mind with their first foray into (free) written cult propaganda
• playing 5 brand new songs from the new record
• covering a particular song for the first and probably only time ever on stage
• getting all cult-members with Hellmouth tattoos in for free

Split 7" with Explode & Make Up
Hellmouth recorded for three records in the fall of 2009. The first one is a split with Explode & Make Up from Chicago (feat. Denis from 88 Fingers Louie on vox and ex-Tomorrow's Gone). The record covers have been printed and the tracks are at the plant but they haven't received test presses yet so they don't know when it's coming out. Let's assume before the album drops! Hellmouth recorded one original ("Tragedy of a City" with guest vox by Beast from H8 Inc.) and a cover of Agent Orange's "Bloodstains". The vinyl will come out on two different colors via Underground Communique.

4 Way split 7" with Embrace the Kill, Mouth Sewn Shut and In Defence
A new track was recorded at the same session as the above record, entitled "Amen, Assholes." Hellmouth played with ETK and MSS at an MDC show in Ann Arbor and the split record was born from that show. All bands have recorded and the cover has been designed. Crash Assailant Records and Rodent Popsicle Records will be collaborating to put out the vinyl sometime before the new Hellmouth full-length drops. So look out for this shit this summer.

Split 7" with Wreak Havoc
Once again, Hellmouth laid down some tracks in the same session for a split with their brothers in Wreak Havoc from Cleveland. However, after a harddrive crash, Hellmouth has to go in and re-record a couple tracks. They will most likely record in May for the split. The probable tracklist will be "Warsaw" by Joy Division, "Evil" by the 4 Skins and "Devilock" by the Misfits. This record will be coming out on Paper & Plastic some time in 2010.

Brand new full length 12" and CD
So where the fuck is the new album? After shifting labels, booking studio time in California, canceling said studio time in California, writing more songs, shifting labels again, and finally booking new studio appears that Hellmouth will be recording a new album starting the first week of July and being released in the fall. More details on the label and title later. Hellmouth will be heading back into the studio with Marc Hudson (who helmed the first record) and the cover has been painted by Andrei Bouzikov again. The band was so happy with every aspect of the first album that they're approaching the second one with all the same key players intact. With more experience behind them, the new record should build on the groundwork of "Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing." and push it to new extremes. Fuck even describing the songs, come to show on the 7th to catch a sneak peak. I can say that the record will have the fastest, the slowest, the darkest, and the most thrashing misanthropic diatribes the band has penned yet. So far 14 tracks are up for consideration, with more to be finished before July. The record should clock in around the same length as the first and there will be a new batch of cult members collaborating on guest spots.

What else is on deck for the True Cult ov Hellmouth?
• Hellmouth has been sponsored by Depot Town Tattoos in Ypsilanti, Mi, and they will be coming out to a Hellmouth show in the future to literally give free tattoos to any punks or metalheads who want them, paid for by the band. More details on this in the summer.
• Hellmouth will be launching a cult website this summer, too, and hosting competitions, giving away free shit, exclusive videos, content, propaganda, diatribes, threats, whatever else they feel like unleashing.
• Some remixes in the works...
• Studio reports and videos once Hellmouth enter Audiolux Studio in July.
• Half dozen dates with Tesco Vee and Negative Approach as part of the Why Be Something That You're Not and Touch & Go book release tour. The bands will be hitting up major cities in the midwest and east coast to support the books. Violent Apathy and Necros will be reuniting for the Detroit show!
• More metal thrashing mad shit this summer and fall, but all will be revealed in time... There is no inverting the hourglass, only inverting the cross...

Lastly, banned from the pubs (again)
You may have heard that Hellmouth has been banned from a venue in their home town: The Magic Bag refused to let Hellmouth open up for their brothers in Child Bite allegedly citing the band was "offensive, inappropriate and threatening". Well, fuck the Magic Bag. They fall in line right after the holier than thou, pious bastards who have banned the band from VFW halls and venues in the past.


Burai Core Distro said...

4 way split? Its called a comp!
Good stuff, stay busy.

The Misanthrope said...

haha, yeah, it's just semantics.