Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beware of KNIFE

"You're the disease; KNIFE is the cure!"

Strong words coming from a new band, right? That would be true if the guys in Detroit based unit KNIFE weren't battle-tested veterans of their scene. Comprised of guitarist Eric Prozac, formerly of evil thrash crusties NEMA, rhythm section Brian Repa and Nathan Miller of hardcore legends THOUGHTS OF IONESCO, and ex-MOTHER / PLANET EATER growler Curt Massof on vocals, KNIFE are forging ahead with a new sound; leaving their past accomplishments in the dust.

KNIFE's aural weapon of choice is heavy riff 'n rhythm instrumentation layered with groove-laden vocals that sound as if they crawled out of the rubble of Detroit and found a southern swamp to call home. Their songs are thick and contain just the right balance of pure rock fury and sludgy heaviness to make the most discerning head bang up and down. Recording plans are in the near future for KNIFE, and the 313 area code needs to prepare itself for the blast.

KNIFE will have their live debut at The Shelter in Detroit on Friday, May 7th. Also appearing are HELLMOUTH, AGAINST THE GRAIN, SNAKEWING and ISOSCELES MOUNTAIN.

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