Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Support Your Scene and Your Decaying Future

Record stores are a rare thing nowadays.  "Back in the good old days" you couldn't swing a drunk punk without hitting a store or two crammed with vinyl, CDs and everything else in between.
Now we have Hybrid Moments at 22730 Woodward Ave, between Nine Mile and Troy in Ferndale.  And with that they have been putting on shows.

Enabler from MN are stumbling in to play their great style of Burp-Beat.
ZKINZ are local legends that combine Totalitar with Bastard (you read that right, if you don't know who these bands are it's your loss).
Final Assault had to cancel as one of their schlubs had to commit to a life of crime.

Support this show.  Support this record store AND EVERY other record store you see.  Go into them and put up flyers.  Hold a record, buy a CD.  Support your scene, your art and your friends.

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