Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Punk, punk, punk, punk, grind, hardcore, punk,punk.....

July 21st. Two shows. One night. Cheap, yummy, loud and screamy.

Early in the night at Corktown Tavern.
Sorrower, (from AZ), Taisto (from Lansing ex-Babehammer) & Live to Kill (local legends)

Show starts at 7PM FOR ONLY $3.

There will be FREE (yes FREE) veggie food (yes meat free suckers). So stuff your gut. Booze it up. Get your ear drums pummeled.

You thought you were done? Pbbbsttt not even close. After walking a straight line out of Corktown go down to the Trumbullplex. The night continues intot he witching hour with:
Shitfucker and........
Cognitive Dissonance (from Minneapolis)

Rest easy knowing that you will have so much fun that your belly will be full, your braincells splattered and your britches soiled.

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